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BerandaLifestyleFashion & BeautyThe Best Artist Presentations at Salón Acme, Mexico City’s Alternative Fair

The Best Artist Presentations at Salón Acme, Mexico City’s Alternative Fair

While the two larger fairs that comprise Mexico City’s Art Week take the form of a standard fair, Salón Acme is set in a Porfiriato-era house in the city’s Colonia Juárez that was once the home of Alberto Robles Gil and was abandoned for several years until its rescue in 2014. This setting, across two buildings, gives the fair a unique vibe–with its dilapidated walls, interior courtyards, and grand staircase and balcony—that is virtually unmatched anywhere else on the international fair circuit. klubslot

In addition to hosting presentations from nearly 30 galleries, Sálon Acme also has an open call section that will show the work of 80 artists, drawn from over 1,800 applications and selected by a curatorial board, which this year including Chicago-based collector Benedicta Badía, artist Darío Escobar, and Pati Hertling, the director of Performance Space New York. The showing in this section is especially strong. Additionally, another featured section focuses on artists based in a particular state of Mexico; this year it is Nuevo Léon, the capital of which, Monterrey, is one of the country’s industrial centers.

Below, a look at the best showings at Salón Acme, which runs through February 11 at Calle Gral. Prim 30, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Cuauhtémoc, CDMX. klubslot


Enrique Argote

A vending machine that seemingly offers tchotchke at the price of 90 pesos.

Photo : Maximilíano Durón/ARTnews

Featured in the open call section, Enrique Argote presents a tongue-in-cheek sculpture: inside a vending machine—which is likely over 30 years old—are small souvenirs of pre-Columbian artifacts that he purchased from Mexico City’s Museo Nacional de Antropología. In the work, Argote is taking direct aim at the fetishization of pre-Hispanic cultures, particularly among tourists visiting Mexico. The vending machine is fully operational, costing 90 pesos (around $5.27). But once you enter your money and select your tchotchke, it will likely shatter. All you’re able to take home with you are the shards that remain. klubslot